Services offered at Quarter Note Studios…

  • Complete Studio Recording and Tracking to Pro Tools, Logic Pro X, Studio One 4, or Hard Disk recorder
  • Studio accommodations up to 32 simultaneous inputs, but an unlimited number of tracks!
  • On-site (Live) Recording to Hard Disc and/or DAW
  • Complete editing, including track clean-up, processing, vocal tuning, and phrasing
  • Mixing (per-project or per-song)
  • Mastering (per-project or per-song)
  • Vocal or instrument pitch correction and.or phrasing
  • Noise Reduction services for restored music and/or voice projects
  • Restoration Services, including vinyl, LP, 45’s, cassettes, or VHS tape
  • Audio Transfers, Formats: Vinyl, Cassette, VHS, ADAT, DAT, MiniDisc, CD, DVD, Computer (MP3, WAV, etc.)
  • Graphic Design & Layout for CD projects and promotional materials
  • Photography (basic outdoor portrait and environmental)
  • Website Design and Hosting
  • Training and Seminars for Live Sound and Audio Engineering
  • Sound System Design and Consultation (primarily for church sound)
  • Acoustical Measurements and Preliminary Acoustical Analysis
  • Vintage Audio Equipment Restoration, Maintenance, and Repair

Contact us for more information about what we can do for you!