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Your singing group has just arrived at the church on Main Street for an evening concert. Each group member has pitched in to help transport the sound equipment into the sanctuary. After approximately twenty to thirty minutes, everything is in place, and you finally have it all hooked up. With only a little time to spare, you power everything on, and… Uh Oh!

How many times has the remainder of the above story not been a pleasant one? Do you know what to do? If you have been singing with sound systems very long, you have probably experienced everything from noise or hum emanating from the speakers, to an apparent failure of the entire system. Sometimes, due to time restraints, we have to let things go and do the best we can. But, now the sound—or lack of it—has become a distraction to the audience, and could be a stumbling block for someone’s salvation. As if this wasn’t bad enough, we sometimes allow these situations to disrupt our focus—communicating the gospel message to our audience.

Over the past several years, I have been privileged to be able to provide training seminars to groups and local churches on sound system installation, operation, and acoustics. These have been great experiences for me, as well as being able to share my knowledge of sound and electronics with my church family. Many people have questions about audio and sound systems, such as phantom power, balanced or unbalanced cables, powered speakers, digital versus analog, and many, many others. If you are one of them, then these posts are for you!

In the coming months, I will hopefully provide information that will take some of the mystery out of purchasing, setting up, and operating a sound system. Technology is changing at a fast pace, and churches and part-time Christian artists or gospel groups need honest answers to what they really need—and don’t. I also welcome your questions and comments regarding sound equipment, operation, troubleshooting, and even recording topics. In each issue, I will take at least one of your questions and discuss it here. Excited? Get ready! Until the next post, keep singing for His glory!

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