Prentice TyndallQuarter Note Recording Studio is a full service, project studio ideally suited for today’s Christian music artists.  Whether you are a soloist or group, contemporary or southern gospel, we can work with you using a number of resources to provide you with a great recording project, all the while saving you money desperately needed for other areas of your ministry.  We welcome you to discover our difference.

The studio, located just ten minutes south of Kinston, North Carolina, includes a spacious recording and tracking room, able to accommodate a band, small choir or ensemble, or session musicians.  The room has been architecturally designed and acoustically treated to provide the sonic signatures needed for perfect drum tracks, ambient acoustic recordings, and powerful solo or group vocals.  A Yamaha C7 studio grand piano also proudly adorns the tracking room for that extra special flavor only a real, well maintained, quality grand piano can deliver.

The studio’s control room houses some of the best recording equipment obtainable today, along with a couple of boutique pieces custom built by myself, along with some unique electronic modifications that I designed and incorporated into the units.  The go-to vocal and instrument recording chain used here is top-notch, all the way from the select studio microphones, through the preamps, and the A/D converter.  Only quality plugins (along with patched in, select outboard equipment) are used within the DAW environment during the editing and mixing stages of a project.

But, enough about the studio.  The most important element in a recording studio is the recording engineer.  So, why am I the right choice for your recording needs?  First, my work here centers around the idea that I want to offer the skills and abilities that God has given me to help music ministries progress and advance to meet their goals.  Secondly, I have over 30 years of experience in electronics and audio technology, and over 20 years in music and studio recording.  I hold degrees in electronics engineering and industrial technology, with concentrations in computer network and internet security, and currently manage the electronics engineering technology program at a local community college.  Finally, I’m an honest recording engineer (they are getting very hard to find) and will go the extra mile to make sure your needs are met, even if that means referring you to another engineer or studio that may better fit you or your ministry.

In addition to studio services, we also offer recording and live sound services targeted primarily toward churches, including beneficial sound personnel training and sound system consultations.  We can answer your questions when planning to install a new system, or simply give you helpful information when upgrading an existing system.  Since we do not sell equipment, you can rest assured that you will get unbiased information to improve your church’s sound without the dreaded sales pitch.

One of my main objectives when working with all of my clients is to provide them with quality recording and consultation services at competitive pricing that saves them money while providing top-notch services.  I usually offer the client several options at different pricing levels to help make the smartest recording and consultation decisions for their ministry.  Contact me today to see what I can do for your ministry’s recording and audio needs.

This new site contains a list of beneficial recording tips, a blog of live sound advice, technology talk, and helpful information that I have learned over the years and how they can help you and your music ministry.  So, be sure to check back often to see what’s new!